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September 17, 2008


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I hadn't commented since I didn't know when you'd be back online, but I'm sure glad that you are alright! I haven't been able to believe the pictures from Houston... Shocking. And I can't, quite, believe that no one seems to care on a national level. If I wasn't worried about bloggers like you I don't know that I'd have any updates at all!!

On a different note I have your PIT gift about half done! Wow, I know, speed demon over here:)

Hope today shines a little brighter then yesterday!


Oh my dear, I’m glad to hear from you! The pictures of the destruction are unbelievable. Dutch news reporters were in Texas to give updates on Ike’s devistation. I try to imagine my street, quarter or city to be totally wiped of the earth.
Hang in there Cherri!

Mary Wood

OMG CherriHow bad it must be for all those people I am glad you are all right its hard to believe that something can happen like that take care hope you get your power back soon.
Hugs Mary.


Wow Cherri -- so glad to hear that you're ok. I hope you get your power back soon and that soon everyone will be rebuilding.

Tina in Boston

Wow. The devastation is unbelievable! My prayers are with you and all who have to put their lives back together. I'm glad you are OK!


Oh my gosh Cherri those pictures are heart breaking. Horrible. You are right, the news isn't giving it enough coverage. My heart goes out to everyone in your area. YOu have been in my prayers everyday and will continue to be - along with your friends and neighbors.


Thank you for the update and pictures. Please take care.

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