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September 30, 2008


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hello! i'm a new reader, photographer, and avid quilter. i found you through the lizzyhouse blog site. love love love your stuff!


I would love to have this fabric. something special about me, hmmm, my husband does not like my uilts at all because they are all to bright and in primary colors for him. I guess I never grew up.


I'm a lurker! Let's see...what to tell you about myself. I'm going to be 50 next month. My parents said I'd never see 30, so this is a major accomplishment for me. How's that? I'd love to be included in your drawing! Thanks, Regina

Vickie E

hmmm something about me? I can't whistle....I simple can't...LOL
Your giveaway is so fun! I hope I can join the winter one...hmmm maybe I should join the fall!!! It's not too late.


Something special??? hmmmm...I would like to think that I am a good mom! I guess my kids would have to answer that but they don't complain too much so they must be pretty happy! :)

Please enter me in your giveaway.

Donna Kozar

Great giveaway. Please, count me in.

annie from San Diego

hmmmm......my very first job was at Disneyland. Everyone guesses I was Alice in Wonderland. NOPE....I worked on the Matterhorn!!! XXX Annie

BJ Lantz

I have 2 fabric collections debuting at Quilt Market in Houston later this month. I don't know how to sew and dearly wish I did. As a matter of fact, I am buying a sewing machine next week and LEARNING because I love fabric and want to play with it!!!


Something special about me? Well, here's a really special site in my life now - I work at a driver school as a secretary, but I CAN'T drive... So it's difficult sometimes to blink astutely:)))


I'm portuguese, I live in Oporto, the old wine city and this is my month because 15 is my birthday and I love Fall.

Mary Wood

Now What am I I am a mum of 6 Step mum of 3 Nanna to 31 With all the extras in my family.And Grangma to Two gorgeous Great grand Children and I am just learning Quilting Taking me a while to get started because have been Ill but I am getting there.I would love to win.
Hugs Mary.


beautiful fat quarters! what a fun idea this fall into fall is! Jean


What a great giveaway! I drink iced tea all year long!


I am a homeschooling mom of 4.

Judy Kjorvestad

I love Fall fabrics! I've been collecting FQs for a leaf quilt. These would go perfect with the ones I already have!


What a fabulous giveaway. I have to say I am a collector. I collect fabric and yarn and buttons and beads and spoons and and and......

Coleen O'Kane

Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love the color red.


Something nobody knows.....
How about some unknown Halloween / family trivia....well, the rival families (so I've been taught) in salem were the Putnam's and Porter's. Happen to be family names (my great grandparents of my dad's side). Also, there is a Sarah Putnam witch house - guess what my maiden name is....yup, that's it alright.
I have finally gotten back in to sewing (quilting actually) and am keeping my fingers crossed that I might win (time to liven up my stash).


I am a quilter in my dreams. I have made one baby quilt top, but have yet to make a sandwich. Plus lots of other quilty ideas buzzing in my head. Is being able to put your feet behind your head special? Believe it or not it's kind of comfortable.


I found your blog through the giveaway link. Great giveaway!


Hi, I'm new to your blog!
I am a papercrafter, love to make handmade cards and other papercrafts.


Hmmm...something special about me....I am the mom of 5 beautiful children, soon to be six. I love to make boutique clothes for my DD...and if you would have asked me just one year ago today if I could sew a boutique outfit or even sew a hem I would have laughed!! Then a friend at church said she would help me learn....and now DD does not even get to go out in public in store bought clothes anymore!! It has become an obsession!!


Thanks for this fabulous giveaway. Something about me, huh? I have twins. They're fraternal. They are nothing alike. If I win this gorgeous fabric, you can reach me at dmj53@hotmail.com

Linda Taylor

Those fabrics are beautiful! Thank you so much for entering me. Something about me - I just became a Grammie for the 3rd time on Tuesday. I now have 3 beautiful little grandaughters!


Let me see....something you don't know about me......a relative of my maternal grandmother flew with Amelia Earhart before she was lost. (I know...I know...most don't know who Amelia was but if you Google her, you'll find out!) Nice contest prizes...hope I might win.

Vicki Wurgler

great giveaway-nothing too special in my life,I've been married 40 years, with 3 boys and 3 grandsons that I adore

Michele C

Those are beautiful sets of fabrics, and I would love to have one! To answer your question on your latest post, I always pick and choose which giveaway to enter based on the prize! -- Michele


Yum yum! Thanks for the chance to win!

Happy fall to you!

Joyce Levengood

Something special? Hmmm, I had my first child at the age of 39! Quilty related, my quilt friends call my basement (where I store my fabric), the Treasure Chest. If you need it, call me first, ggg
joycee2561 at yahoo dot come


What a wonderful giveaway! Hi from Newfoundland, Canada's most easterly province.


Hello. I'm new to this blog. Somthing about me..... Hm I live in Norway, loves fabrics and own a parrot named Jacob...

kathi pinkston

We have lived in:
Salt Lake City
Georgetown, TX
Kansas City
OKC again



I'm Alice. My daughter told me about your blog. Let's see, something special, I love knitting and can knit pretty well anything without a pattern. Quilting is more of a challenge, but I am learning and do enjoy the process.


Renee G

Hi - I'm a beginning quilter. So far I've made some pillowcases for presents, and a holiday wall-hanging.


Cindy Keery


I am a regular at your blog and I just love it! I'm not sure if this is particularly special, but maybe odd? LOL I can't just sit and watch tv without stitching at the same time! My hands always have to be busy with something.

Thanks for the chance to win!



I love the idea of being a "quiet lurker peep" - peeping quietly as I lurk! LOL What is a peep other than a chicken sound?

BTW, love batiks,


Great giveaway! I am addicted to bags and fabric.


I named my three chickens Charlotte, Anne, and Emily after the Bronte sisters. Charlotte, the chicken, is a bit evil.


As an unapologetic fabriholic I would LOVE to win these fat quarters...you can really never have too much fabric, right? I love your blog - just found it this morning - doing some well-worthwhile-time-surfing! I'm a 30 year quilter - one little hobby that has seen me through the good, bad and the ugly!


You're right...your prizes are awesome!

Something about me? I'm a new quilter and I watch the Halloween Charlie Brown cartoon every year!


I just discovered your blog and had to comment on your giveaway. Those fabrics are yummy and so cheerful compared to the quilt I have been working on. I'm making a signature quilt for a friend dying from bone cancer caused by agent orange in Vietnam. The written tributes to my friend are so beautiful but the project is filling me with sadness. I needed cheering up and this blog helped. Best wishes.

Cris A

I would love to win the beautiful fabric!!Thanks for the chance to win!

Linda T

I am a self-taught quilter, and am hesitant to machine quilt the quilt I'm working on right now. Count me in on your very generous drawing!


Something most people dont know, Id love to be a professional photographer.


What fabulous fabrics!! I have a numbers thing in my immediate family too. My Mom was 20 when I was born, my Dad was 25, I had my first child at 30 and my second just shy of 35. And yes, I rely on these FAR too often to calculate ages! a.simple.life@live.com


I am a first time poster to Cherry House Quilts but I read it all the time. The Fall into Fall Contest lured me out of lurkdom!

Something about me, 99.95% of the quilts I make have the color blue in them :) I love blue and it makes me happy to use blue fabrics. People that have not seen my work assume it all looks alike but it doesn't and sometimes there is just a hit of blue in one of many fabrics in a piece.

Cleary K

I'm a newbie, I live in Florida and just started quilting a couple of years ago. Something about me: Well, I was a extoic dancer for almost 10 years, before I got RA.

Elaine Morgan

Wow - what a generous giveaway! Gorgeous fabrics - and I would LOVE to win them! Something about me? I'm married to a rocket scientist - need I say more?

Piece - Elaine


I'm new here, and a relatively new quilter, but I love every second of it! Thanks for the inspiration--and the prizes!

Amanda A

Those prizes are wonderful! Ummm, I am a "lurker", but I have two little boys and love sewing and quilting when I have a moment to myself :)

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