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September 30, 2008


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Joyce Levengood

Please add me to your list for your giveaway. Ok lets see, something about me ... I had my first and only child at the age of 39. She is now attending dental college at Ohio State University in Columbus Ohio and I miss her dearly.


What great fabrics! Most people don't know that I spent my 50th birthday rock climbing. It's a great rush and such fun. Hope those fabrics come to live at my house.

midlife mom

This is such a fun give away! One thing about me is that I love to buy socks, lots of socks! I give them away so that I can buy more socks!

Doreen Kinkade

Hi, I am new to quilting. Made my first block using batiks (that's what started me down this path,I love every batik I see). Also just learned to do Machine applique...tiny block. Please add me to your gorgeous give a way. Thanks.


Something about myself....hmmmmm....I was born to be a grandma!!!
Wonderful fabric!! A quilter's dream (mine!)


hello, yes a lurker but sorta new to blogging so just lurking and learning and getting all kinds of neat tips from reading blogs..


I'm a retired high school principal - and I loved it - and now I stitch and lead Bible study groups for women. I especially love embroidery but applique and piecing are a close second. I have 3 children who are all teachers (my husband is a retired educator too!) and my 8th grandchild will be here December 31. I'm addicted to fabric, just ask my husband. :) blessings, marlene


I am an empty nest mama. I took up quilting 2 years ago when our baby moved out. My dh told me to find something I like to do and become passionate about it. I took his advice. I love everything about quilting! You are offering a very nice give away.


I am a special services teacher. I have taught for 29 years. I love to quilt. My first quilt took me 20 years to finish!!

Karen in IN

Sandra :)

What an incredibly giveaway - I'd love to enter! Something about me - my favorite pie is PUMPKIN :D

Sandra/Canada :)


I was adopted 2x - once at 2 and 1/2 and again at 12.
Thank you for hosting a fall giveaway.


Yummy fabrics.. and wish it was winter here.. its spring here in Australia, and today, it was 100F.. *sigh* I hate summer already and its not even here!!!



Hi Cherri
What a great blog! I have just become addicted to audio books - never knew I had it in me :)
Janelle xx


I once worked for THE Howard Hughes. Never saw or met him face to face and he did not leave any of his $$$ to me. LOL


Beautiful fabrics! I´m a full time quilter living in the south of Sweden. I have a quite new quilting studio and have started to design my own quilt- and stitchery patterns.

Christine Rival

Your blog is great and your giveaway is WOW!! I love the fabrics - count me in!! :-)

Christine Rival

Your blog is great and your giveaway is WOW!! I love the fabrics - count me in!! :-)

Christine Rival

Something nobody knows??? I can't swim underwater without holding my nose - and I own a pool!!! Your blog is great and I love the fabrics - WOW!!


wow, would I love one of these! Something most people don't know: I've had a breast reduction


Hi, I am brand new here :0) something about me? I have a very offbeat funky taste in clothes and decor ;) I love anything from the 70's! xoxo melzie


Hmmmm...something special about myself...I can remember pointless trivia for years and yank it out on command.


Hmmmmm....something else special about myself-I forgot to put contact info in my first comment-Doh! Pointless trivia girl tries again!


Love the prizes for your giveaway! Hummmm...something about me. I LOVE Reeses peanutbutter cups!

jennifer  bowen

wow i love to try and win this so well i can make some thing nice thanks


I don't think you can ever use too many different fabrics in a quilt. Please enter me into your giveaway! Thanks!


Something about myself... I'm addicted to needle felting.

Those quarters are gorgeous!

Karen S

Oh I can't think of any secrets. But I will tell you I have a secret passion to acquire just the right fabrics for all my projects.


Mmmmm - something about me? I LOVE to watch my kids sleep! Maybe not something unique to Mom's, but I truly love to watch them as they look so peaceful and happy :)
BTW - the FQ's are beautiful! Thanks for this chance!

Sue H

Please count me in on your give-away. Sounds wonderful! I'm pretty much an open book, but something nobody knows? Most of my quilter friends don't know that I was a stained-glass crafter for several years. Once a crafter, always a crafter!


Personal info? I have a husband who asks me if I need to go to every fabric store we come across. for that reason the last three quilts I have made have been entirely from my stash.


Please enter me! I have never made a real quilt. I am dying to try at least a small one.


Secrets about me? Well, I sneak leftovers to the little hogs so the Rancher won't know. Ha! He gets mad about wasting food but I don't think it's a waste if your feeding it to something...even if it's not human. Haha!

I'd love to win your giveaway! Please enter my name in the drawing. Thanks!


Jane Weston

What a great giveaway...as for something to tell about myself...well I'm a Canadian living in the UK with my dh and 2 daughters...he was my high school sweetheart...after a 12 year break and after each of us had a failed first marriage we met up and picked up where we left off...best thing I've ever done!

Karen B

What beautiful fabrics...I only have one boobie - get those mammograms girls!!!!


Oh, lovely! I love the name of your blog! Much love, Raquel XO


Hi. I work in my pajamas ... at home.


Hi Cherri -

What gorgeous fabrics - I'd love to be entered into your drawing! Something special about me? Hmmm... I used to perform on stage, in musicals mostly. I wanted to be a professional actress. Ah, the dreams of youth!

Now I just sing as I quilt! :-)


Love your prizes! Something special about me? I've been married 40 years to the same guy!!!LOL!!!


Please enter me in your drawing. Something about me? We are a rescue home for Australian Shepherds. The bad side if you can call it bad is we now own 8 dogs. All but one have Australian Shepherd in their lineage.


I've been recently getting into fabric projects. And, don't tell anyone, I'm liking it more than my 2-dimensional cards & things. My friends would be sad to stop getting homemade cards. Thanks for the chance to win---these colors are gorgeous!


Great giveaway. The fabrics are wonderful and so useful.

About me??? I am a true fabricholic! I have never met a fabric that I have not liked as can be seen in every nook and corner of my house.


Wonderful give-away!! Something about myself that nobody knows. I can’t visit my quiltshop without buying something... and I’m very forgetful... thought I left a message, but can’t find it anymore...


Great giveaway, let's see something about me ... I collect Vogue Ginny dolls

Go Amie

Well, I like to brush my teeth in the shower. That's weird, right?


Something most people don't know about me ... I graduated high school in Yokohama, Japan (USNavy). Wonderful gifts, please enter me.

I joined the giveaway tonight, please stop by.


I'd love to win the fabrics! I love purple, and I'm collecting purple fabrics for a scrap quilt.

Paula in NH

What a great question. Here's my answer - I can stay in my house for days and never go out except to get the mail. As long as I have enough food and fabric and thread I'm OK. Please enter me in your drawing.

Debbie  St.Germain

I am a newbie, so hi from Rhode Island, where the air is crisp and the trees are just beginning to turn. I love the fabrics, I want to make a quilt for my daughter this christmas so looking at batiks and prints for her.


Your Impact Matters

Oh my goodness...I'm a little giddy with excitment for this giveaway. Those fabrics are lovely! I just created my first ever sewing tutorial - I'm a bit of a novice, for a fat quarter bag. I've been making them whenever I get the chance, getting ready to open my own Etsy store...so this giveaway really gets me excited!

As far as something about myself, I have a little obsession with sacred geometry - especially the vesica pisces/square root of three. It sounds a little boring, but I was an astrophysics major in college (not something my blog friends know) and I think that shape is particularly beautiful. Whenever I see the pattern in book covers, jewelry, fabric or ANYTHING else, I have to buy it up! Thank you for such a generous giveaway!

Pam P

saying hello - from Carrollton TX - I really should be sewing right now but here I am cruzin blog giveaways :) Pam P

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