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September 14, 2008


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I’m glad to hear your mom is safe and doing OK Lizzy. I’ve been thinking about her and all people in Texas. It sounds so scary!!

We’ve been following the news from far, and can’t imagine what it’s like.

Please say hello to your mom when you call her and I keep my fingers crossed the power will be
restored very soon!


Good to hear that your mom is ok.
I hope everything will go back to normal asap.

Tina in Boston

Thank you, Lizzy! Glad to hear your mom is OK. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help out.


So glad to hear everyone at your mom's house is ok! I do hope the power comes back on sooner than expected.

Mary Wood

Glad everyone at your moms house are all right hope she gets some power soon it must be hard to live without it in these modern days.
Hugs Mary.


Lizzy--good of you to post for you Mom. I'm glad she's ok. It can take so long to get the power back when there is so much damage. I hope you get a chance to read these posts to her and tell her we're thinking of her.


So glad to hear that your mom is okay. But a MONTH without power?? Is she going to stay there for all of that time? That was SOME storm. I'm still praying for all of those that have been affected by it.


Oh wow, I've been keeping your mom in my prayers. Let her know we are all happy she is ok. Minor damage is still a pain. And the power out is unbelievable. Horrific really, no refrigerator even or freezer. Ick all that spoiled food, too.


glad to hear that everyone is okay. everyone is fine on my end too, though my aunt is going to have to get a new roof. what a pain...



Cherri, thinking of you! So glad you didn't have any major damage. I hope you get your power sooner than later. It must've been so scary. You have been in my prayers.

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