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June 09, 2008


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mmmmmmmmmmmmm fabric

Anne-Marie N. Allen

Attn: Cherri House

Something quite delightful happened yesterday as a result of a sequence of serendipitous events: I was due to fly from Houston to Newark on a Continental flight at 15:45—my godson Michael, who had traveled with me from Montrose to HOU, asked me to continue on with him by changing my flight and getting on his flight to EWR; after a PA message announcing that his [earlier] flight had had a gate change, we rushed to his new gate; they were about to close the door but I managed to get my Boarding Pass changed just in time to join him. His seat assignment was 26A and mine 26B. When we reached our row, Mike discovered that a pretty young lady was occupying his window seat—ever so gallant, Mike offered that she stay right there and met her own offers to move by telling her that he did not mind taking the aisle seat. I took my middle seat...

The pretty young lady, bursting with excitement, eventually told me that she was on her way to Paris—her first time there. I told her she was sitting next to a French woman who adores “her” Pareeee...

I shall let Melissa tell you about the delightful time we had but I wanted to send you a note to compliment you right away: Your daughter is very pretty, gracious, witty, smart and well-spoken—I am 65, have no children, but can recognize all the signs of good parenthood. Madame House, I do compliment you on “a job well done!” After hearing that she was but a mere 19 (a brand new 19 at that!), my dormant maternal cells took over and I could not help but make some recommendations to Melissa on the do’s and don’ts of a pleasant [and safe] Paris stay, especially for two very young ladies! She exuded so much joy and enthusiasm that by the time we started our descent on EWR, I was no longer sure whether we were arriving in EWR or CDG! 95F provided a quick return to reality...

Today, I checked with CNN and saw that the weather in Paris is sunny and warm; however, the next two days might be slightly overcast: Not to worry... I am absolutely certain that your little girl’s youthful Spirits are far too high to be bothered by a passing cloud...

I thought you would enjoy some “feedback” on your Little Wonder, aka Melissa... Congratulations!

Best regards,
Anne-Marie N. Allen
Branford, CT

Mary Wood

Glad you found a new home for your material. but Hmmmmmm here you are dreaming of buying some more Naughty Girl LOL.
Hugs Mary.

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