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April 10, 2008


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Our state flower is the Waratah, and our national floral emblem is the golden wattle..

I can't wait to see this quilt you have made! :O)



I was just sitting here counting my blessings, dear Cherri...No matter when,
no matter where you are, you're there. And I thank you for your kind words, Cherri:)
Your article is just a supportive to my recent article about Tulips, THANK YOU for making a bridge between our zones:)
I am familiar with your lovely Bluebonnets. I know very well that bluebonnets are the indispensable flowers of TX. Depending on the rainfall and the winter/spring temperatures, bluebonnets can begin blooming as early as late February or early March. However, the peak of the bloom season is usually around the first weekend in April.
Oh I forgot to say, I have a few good friends in Arlington (TX), so that's how I am very close to your flower Bluebonnets:) Additionally, I've a few very nice Bluebonnet pattern fabrics, which were sent to me by my friends:) This beautiful photo just a good reminder for me to think of my friends. I hope Bluebonnets started popping up there, and enjoy them as early April is the best time to enjoy them, I know:)
Much love for TX and my best wishes for a crafty weekend among Bluebonnets, Cherri.

~ Nihal via CrossRoads ~


I have always wanted to see the bluebonnets, I imagine whole fields of them. They must be gorgeous.
I'm looking forward to seeing your new designs. I wish I had time to make them all!


Beautiful flowers for a hopefully lovely day. It snowed here last night but the sun is out today. Kind of like life, huh.

Good luck with your patterns.

Mary Wood

I came from Scotland Before I lived in Australia and the flower you call Blue bonnets looks like our Lupins. We have Golden Wattle here.
Hugs Mary.


What a beautiful photos!
Kind regards

Beertje Zonn

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