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March 13, 2008


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May Britt

You can never have too many books LOL Please count me in the draw.


Too many quilt books??? I did not know you could have too many! You are a sweetheart to give-away yours!
My first ‘quiltbook’ was ‘easy to make quilts for the nursery’.
I made some quilts for my little nieces and nephews. It’s a wonderful book with bright quilts. The last one I bought is Dear Jane, ...the opposite!
Cherri, I’m just leaving a comment because I like to, I don‘t expect you to send books overseas!

Jill M

Oh, what a fun giveaway! My favorite book right now is Nickel Quilts by Pat Speth. I recently took a class from her through my Guild and it was awesome and the quilts are great!


What a neat idea and thanks for thinking of all of us. My first book was Quilts, Quilts, Quilts The Complete Guide to Quiltmaking by McClun and Nownes. It's one of those if you have a question it's probably in there. Also has pictures of some spectacular quilts.

Cherri House

That's great Jacquie - that was my second book...Invaluable!


My first quilt book was Eleanor Burn's Log Cabin. I made my first quilt from that book.

I, too, have a lot of quilt books. This is a great idea.

Sue Daley Designs

Hey Cherri
I think that the very first book I purchased was 500 quilt blocks put out by House and garden. Mary Ellen Hopkins was the second book I purchased. Have a great day.




My first quilt book? Eleanor Burns Quilt in a Day Log Cabin Quilt. Sadly I didn't make my first quilt from it. Or looking back, I wonder if it was really so sad that I didn't. I learned how fun, simple and wonderful it was to make the Eleanor Burns Log Cabin quilt. What a joy.

And I don't think I will EVER have too many quilt books. But I'm glad you think YOU have too many. I hope I win one - I want you to autograph it so I'll always remember where I won it.



I have too many books too! But, I love the book on making children's quilts! Since I have two new granddaughters I'll put my name in the hat and hope to win!

I love books by Blackbird Designs. I've been trying to collect the old ones from e-bay. I'm only missing a few!

Cindy Keery


My first quilt book is called "My First Quilt Book". My favorite quilt "book" is the Quilts and More magazine. I love and devour each one!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to win some of your books!

Cindy Keery

Sue Sharp

My favourite quilt book is: The Quilter's Ultimate Visual Guide, edited by Ellen Pahl. It wasn't my first book but it probably should have been!

There are no patterns, just page after page of good, solid techniques and tips. I've been quilting a number of years but I bet I go to this book once every quilt to look something up or confirm a technique.

If the house were on fire, this is the book I'd save.

Lynne in Hawaii

My very first quilt book (and the one I refer to the most) is "Quilts! Quilts!! Quilts!!! The comple Guide to Quiltmaking" by Diana McClun and Laura Nownes. Whenever I am in a jam or confused about a technique...out comes the book!

Jeanine in KS

My first quilt book was Fons & Porter "Quilter's Complete Guide."

I love looking through quilt books and seeing all those beautiful quilts. One of these days I just might get around to making them.


I don't remember the title of my first quilt book. It's tucked away in the attic with my first attempt at a quilt. Currently I'm binding quilt #4. Many years ago (over 20), I took a quilting class with 2 gals from work. It was a sampler class. We cut all our templates from plastic. All our fabric was marked with pencil and cut with scissors. We never heard of rotary cutters and mats at that time. Everything we did in that class was by hand. It didn't matter that I had a lovely sewing machine, except that I made clothes for everyone in the family. I learned to piece and applique. I didn't learn anything about paper piecing. One day I was appliqueing double interlocking hearts on a block. I was almost finished. My husband told me that the hearts were not centered on the block. I had measured and measured and measured. I am a perfectionist and I knew that he was, too. He insisted that I take him the block and my seam gauge. He informed me that the hearts were off 1/16" and he knew that from across the room. My heart sank to the floor. I boxed up all the quilt that I had finished and all the remaining fabric and UFO's of it and the book that contained the patterns and put it in the attic. When my mother renewed her interst in quilting, I sent the box to her. She only quilted in a frame, so she sent it back to me. The box went back in the attic. I no longer am married to that husband. I now have an ecouragaing husband and a renewed friendship with a couple that my first husband and I "ran with." The lady encourages me to get the quilt back out and finish it. The ladies at my local quilt shop are encouraging me to finish the quilt, also. I think it may be time to go to the attic and have a new beginning with my old sampler quilt and the old "new" sampler quilt book and have a new king size quilt. I bet it would look wonderful - even on my queen-size bed.

I love books - I have books and books and books. I was taught an appreciation for books at a very young age.

Sue Cahill

I'll try to post for a chance for these books again, I must have put my comment in the wrong place. My first book was "You Can Sit on my Quilt Book" and I still love the title.


did i miss miss? my first book was by Marianne and fons porter.


I would love to win the quilt book.


Instruction books are like gold for me. I read and save each one. Being new to quilting, one of your books would be a fantastic read and education for me. Thanks.

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