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March 30, 2008


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I'm definetly in the traditional catagory. I like to applique and hand quilt. I do piece on the machine! I wouldn't get anything done if I didn't.

May Britt

For me it has to be traditional quilts with blocks. I love that. I love handstitching and handquilting.


I'd like to say I am a FINISHER of quilts, but alas, I am a UFO'er...
I do like art quilts but am yet to make one, I tend to stick to my comfort zone of blocks and mindless piecing... I am an expert at mindless piecing (mindless piecing - grandmothers flower garden, one patch quilts etc)

One day I'd like to break out of the ol' comfort zone and do something unexpected and maybe, use a BRIGHT fabric.. now that could be shocking!



For years I only liked traditional quilts but for a while now I also fancy art quilts. I have done a couple of crazy quilts with all kinds of embellishments and that will probably be my entrance into art quilts. I guess my first art quilt won't be far away. Julia

Lynne in Hawaii

I am into traditional quilts. I like to do some applique as well as piecing. I prefer to hand quilt large quilts and machine quilt small ones when I can.


Congratulations to Blueberrylane!
I’m a contemporary quilter and would love to become an art quilter one day. I’m making a Dear Baby Jane at the moment because I love to learn how the original blocks are made. I try to give it a twist to a more modern version by using cheerful colours. I’ve visited a quiltshow last weekend and I especially loved the art quilts and contemporary quilts. I think it’s because they are not made from excisting patterns but by quilters who followed their heart and tried to leave their comfort zone.


I am afraid, I am not a quilter yet - but I just love the crazy quilts I have seen. I have tried a couple of blocks, but run out of ideas. My very good friend Anina at Twiddletails is a real inspiration - I am getting ready for my first full-blown quilt - all in shades of blue.

So, I am at the ruler-and-cutting-board stage, if that is a stage of quilting!!

Love your blog!

Jane Weston

After years of trying to figure it out...I think I'm a traditionalist quilter....at least in colour and pattern choices. I will use any and all funky new gadgets to get there and won't shy away from my machine to do the piecing and quilting.

Beth Dasecke

wow this is harder than I thought it would be Hmmmm I like all kinds of quilts But I am not that into Arty quilts YET
but all things change
I would love to go in the draw for your books
hugs Beth

Mary Wood

I like all sorts of quilts But I am just a Learner And I need lots of help Have looked at some books but they look a bit complicated But im determined to learn as I love Quilts.
Hugs Mary

Sue Cahill

I am very traditional, though I amire those who make contemporary and art quilts. I love to hand piece, I'm working on the "Cival War Diary" quilt by hand now. I love thirties fabrics and I'm definately a scrappy quilter, I don't know how to put together a quilt with only a few fabrics. I would love to win these books, maybe broaden my skills a bit.


I like quilts with something at least a little different about them, so not too traditional I guess. I'm not entering the drawing because I own Thinking Outside the Block, but just want to put in a plug for that book -- it's great!

Márta Mezei

I love to do traditional quilts(With appliques,embroideries...)now I prefer the crazy.But I want to try all techniques and embellisments,I love Angelina fiber,Silk paper-they can do dreamlike effekt.
I think,Art Quilt demands many imagination,
and Traditional Quilt demands a lots of patience.I don't like all Contemporary Quilt.
Márta from Hungary


I think I'm a traditional quilter, I haven't made an art quilt and probably never will, just not my taste. Although I do admire the amount of work that goes into them.


I am a traditional quilter. I really like to make scrap quilts reminiscent of the quilts my grandmother's made. I love to hand quilt, but will admit, I've been tempted to do machine quilting because it's just so fast!


I guess I would categorize myself as a cross between contemporary and traditional with a twist. I do like to do my own thing. I love ALL quilts though.


Traditional all the way baby! With an occasional contemporary quilt thrown in ... like maybe contemporary quilt with traditional fabrics? Or something like that! I do love your contemporary quilts. Hmmm, maybe I'll talk myself out of traditional! And, I'm wondering about your last comment -- do you consider Baltimore quilts art or traditional? I consider them traditional. As for art, for me, I prefer my "art" to be on canvas. ;-)


I'm new to quilting and haven't figured out what I'm doing at all! I don't know where my talents or desires lie, but love reading quilting books so I can find patterns to try. dmj53(at)hotmail(dot)com


I'm new to quilting and haven't figured out what I'm doing at all! I don't know where my talents or desires lie, but love reading quilting books so I can find patterns to try. dmj53(at)hotmail(dot)com


Contemporary quilting for me! I love all your patterns (especially City Park). I don't think you will find me even thinking about making a Baltimore Album quilt. I do admire ALL quils and the quilting in them. I visit your blog daily but I think this is the first time for a comment from me, sorry about that, I will try to comment more often.



I like all kinds of quilts - I've tried a little of all types. I'm fairly new to quilting - so I like to try different things. I think I like appliqued quilts best, but it's a close race!!


I like traditional quilts best. Pieced, no appliqué for me!My quilts are utility quilts, to sleep under and keeping you warm and cosy:that's my definition of a quilt. I prefer to piece and quilt by hand. My production therefor is very low: 1 quilt a year..

Lorraine Walsh

I am a traditional quilter - pieced mostly and have been dabbling in applique (needleturn) on a couple of quilts I have on the go....I admire the art quilts greatly, but for me it is traditional - unless I deviate from the path one day - which is always a possiblility....never say never!


I love to look at art quilts and non traditional quilts but I usually make pretty traditional quilts ( I say usally when I have only made 5 so far. LOL)


I love all quilts and I intent to give them all a go before I die. I will have to live until I am at least one hundred and twenty!!The quilts that I have made the most are traditional.Log cabins,ohio stars,etc.I have stitched a few needle turn applique.Love them, I am currently working on the "Valentine" quilt.Quilts they keep me sane.


First off, a Smiling Hello for you:)
I am definately in the Art Quilts category (even though I can hardly find to be able to finish any quilt project).
I found a way going your home thru Nicolette's blog. Very inspiring journal you have.

PS I loved all your Munichen photos, the 'giant' books so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing:)

~N via CrossRoads~

Maria Alejandra

I consider myself a traditional quilter, although I like contemporary colors and fabrics. I machine piece all my quilts and when I applique I also do it on the machine. I enjoy learning new techniques for traditional piecing!


I love scrap quilts and sampler quilts. The variation in color and blocks I think, adds visual interest to the quilt.

Joan Johnson

Like so many others, I'm a traditional quilter, but I do love traditional quilts done in modern, bright colors! I also love hand and machine applique, but never seem to find the time to do as much as I'd like.


I'm a mix between contemporary and traditional. I like the complexity of traditional blocks but love more modern fabrics.

Thanks for the chance to win these books!

- Jen


I would definitely have to say that I'm a comtemporary quilter and love modern quilts (City Scapes is next on my to-do list!) If I dabble in more traditional blocks, it always in sleek color schemes/solids to make it a little newer and edgier! :)


Hi I'm a traditional quilter. (I think)Nothing too exciting.


I have to say that I'm more contemporary, or traditional with a twist. I like things like log cabin and courthouse steps, but most true tradtional quilts are just too busy for me. I tend to like big patches of fabric, squares and rectangles, and low to medium contrast type stuff (think "Chery Fizz", and "City Blcoks"). If all of that is a style, then count me in!


I'm definitely a contemporary quilter. I've been sewing since I was little but just started quilting. Being only 29, I am definitely more attracted to more modern designs, but most of the time I come up with my own stuff. I like to mix different techniques.

Debbie C.

I dabble a little bit into everything. I haven't really settled into a 'favorite' quite yet. If I had nothing but time to "play", I would like to hand dye my own fabrics and get really creative. I could really use this book to help me broaden my ideas!

Vickie E

I'm a Traditional quilter. I love 1930's, civil war and common blocks used with those fabrics. I have been trying to expand beyond that though....we'll see.

Barnáné Ildikó from Hungary

I'm a traditional quilter and nowadays I'm trying new ways on quiling, perhapsh art? I don't know which is better for me.

Paula in NH

I like to try everything when it comes to quilts. When I first started quilting nearly three years ago I made mostly traditional quilts. Now I'm into stitcheries and learning applique. I like to look at art quilts, but haven't had the courage to try one yet. Hopefully soon.

Patty C

I love most all quilts. I like to try new things and old favorites. I like to experiment with different color combinations and colors that I would not normally pick. I am not an appliquer.

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