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March 26, 2008


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Well, no fair Cherry! Where are these gorgeous photos from??? ;-)

Kim Pebley

I have always put a border on the quilts I have made. I have seen many without and they look nice too.. I guess it's all up to the maker what they decide!


I recognize the clock from Musée d’Orsay in Paris! I have almost the same picture!
I have not finished that many quilts, but the all have a border! I would love to learn about quilts with other than normal borders!


catching up.......love the Soda quilt.........onto the question of the day.........borders ot now..........I love them but I now want to ba able to do more fancy borders instead of my plainer strips........


I like quilts without borders, but then I like them with borders too! I've done both, I think it depends on what the quilt calls for. You know, when they talk to you. Or is that just me? :o)


Ah, the border, my nemisis! I've only done one and I kinda sorta got it right. My intimidation factor with borders is high... Something about miters and measuring! Though, to be honest, I'm still trying to get binding down, borders aren't high on my need to do list:)


One of my favorite clocks, the astronomical clock from Prague! Did you go there? The tour so you can see it behind is really cool and the view of Old Town Square is phenomenal from on top if you ever get a chance.

Oh yeah, you were asking about borders. I feel it should be up to the maker and what feels right for the quilt. I've done them both ways. Whatever the choice, it should look as though it belongs there, not just an add on.


I like the look of a quilt without a border... just a contrasting binding to frame it.

I do love your photography! The clock is fascinating. Where is the clock located??
In the states??
Joni (of YUMMERS)


I am new to quilting and I use the border to make sure I get rid of any imperfections - so it will look square

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