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March 23, 2008


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Cindy Keery

I usually add a border to my quilts to get them the right size.

Cindy Keery


I don't think I've done a quilt without a border...


I am making more and more quilts without borders.
I love the look of them, more utility style quilts that we will use and use and use.
Heirloom style quilts for the most part get borders :)
thanks for another wonderful giveaway.
I love quilt books and think this is just so nice of you to be willing to part with some wonderful books

May Britt

I think I always makes borders on my quilts. Perhaps because the patterns have said so :)


I have made quilts with and without borders, and sometimes I like them without borders more!
But I would like to win a book about borders ;-)

Sue Cahill

I'm with you, not all my quilts need borders. I usually let the quilt tell me what it needs. I like to do prarie points with just a narrow border on some quilts for little ones, it gives that touchy feely thing kids love.

I'll hope I get lucky this week in the draw.

Tina in Boston

Hi Cherri! I say no, quilts don't always have to have borders. That book on foundation piecing borders looks quite interesting!! :)


Some quilts need a border, some don't. When there is one, I like to feel it contributes to the quilt as a whole. There have been occasions when I like the border more than the rest of the quilt!!


I rarely use borders on my quilts. Most of the time when I do use borders they're 6" finished, meaning I was too lazy to make more blocks :D OR I ran out of the fabrics being used


Hi Cherry! I definitely don't need borders with my quilts. I have one that I want to do (if I'd just get the time haha) that has no borders. So, if you can have a quilt with no borders, how 'bout a quilt of JUST borders???


I was pretty anti-boarder, preferring a more 'vintage' look but I've come to like them on some quilts. I don't think the focus should be on the boarder and at times I think they are too large and detailed and take away from the entire quilt.

Just my humble opinion! Thanks for asking!

- Jen

Lynne in Hawaii

I mostly do borders to get a quilt to size but I have never done any pieced borders or prairie points. I have been too chicken. That is a some day I'll do it thing!

Jill M

All of the quilts that I have made so far do have borders, but the majority have also been through classes. Maybe I will eventually get to a quilt without borders...


I don't always use a border ... some times I put on a really wide binding ... about an inch and a half wide ... that seems to do it for me.


I don't always use a border ... some times I put on a really wide binding ... about an inch and a half wide ... that seems to do it for me.


I'm a newbie to quilting and as of yet I have not made a quilt without a border. Just as with anything in else in quilting, I don't think there is a rule. What ever works for you. Can you image for my fifth quilt, I'm starting on a Baltimore Album quilt. I beginning it in an applique class that meets once a month for 8 months. The teacher initially taught the class once a week for 8 weeks. The students "complained" about so much homework that she went to this format. She didn't think that folks would sign up for a class formatted like this, but every time, the class is full. Anyhow, back to the subject. The teacher has several quilts planned, varying on size - some with borders - some without. Of course, I decided to step out of the box. After looking at a couple of what appears to be excellent books on the subject, I decided to put a swag border on mine. When I told our teacher what I had in mine, she was thrilled. I was apprehensive, since she had designed the quilt patterns. I was relieved and elated, particularly being new to quilting.
After thinking about this more, I think a border can definitely add (or even detract) from the initial intent of the quilt. I think a border is a matter of personal preference.

Remember, if you are in a slump, a few seams a day and that quilt will get done.

Rachel C

Well, I'm pretty new to quilting myself, but have always seemed to prefer those with narrow borders - seems to give them a more finished look.

Barnáné Ildikó from Hungary

Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.
Here in Hungary there are only a few quilting books and the orders from abroad
are quite expensive.
So I'd like to be the winner!


For me, it depends on the quilt. Many times I think a border can detract from the design. On the other hand sometimes the border can highlight what's going on inside. Just like sometimes art needs to be matted, sometimes not.

Mary Lines

I have always added borders until this last quilt I made for my son and his bride. It turned out so pretty I did not want to detract from the all over star pattern. You don't miss a border at all, and I think I will make more this way.


Account Deleted

I love the look of quilts without borders, it gives a lovely vintage feel BUT I also love pieced borders extending out from the quilt BUT BUT I love using yummy big prints as a border also........


I usually rush the border bit, cause I can never work out what to do, well these books would solve that problem! I usually just end up adding a scrappy border with what I used in the middle which can be boring.. I have only made one quilt without a border, and I love it..



Borders are added if needed on my quilts, some have them and some don't. I once spent a long time making pieced borders for a quilt only to see that when I put them against the quilt it didn't work. I later used theses borders to make a quilt I then called 'Bordering on the ridiculous'! I loved it. Great giveaway, two books a week.


I have always added borders, and I like the irregular borders.


What an interesting topic - and interesting looking books too.
Mostly I have used borders, my quilts are usually scrap quilts and a border can help to tie everything together.
For the upcoming mystery I have chosen a border print from Jinny Beyer and going to use colours from the print in the quilt itself - sort of starting from the outside in!
Like the idea of a quilt made with borders too, guess that would be like an English frame quilt?

Márta Mezei

I 'd like these books too,because I love all the books about patchwork and quilt.
Márta from Hungary.

Márta Mezei

I'd like these books too,because I love all the books about patchwork and quilt
Márta from Hungary


I hesitate to say you ALWAYS need a boarder, but I usually use them. To me they sort of frame the quilt ans make it look more finished. Plus I tend to be a traditionalist...


I hesitate to say you ALWAYS need a boarder, but I usually use them. To me they sort of frame the quilt ans make it look more finished. Plus I tend to be a traditionalist...

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