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March 16, 2008


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My favorite quilting technique would have to be hand applique. My favorite thing to do is to sit at night stitching away listening to the TV with my husband. We like classic old movies on the Turner network.


Congratulations to Amanda! Enjoy your books!
Favourite quilting technique... well it’s not quite a technique. I love to design a quilt myself. To decide what pattern I will make, the colours and fabrics I want to use. The quilt I’m making now inspired by a birthday card, that’s what I like to do best.
When I use patterns I buy I love to sort out how to make the quilt, where to put what fabrics. I can’t stick to making one, there are lots in progress!
I like the scrappy cabins technique the best. That’s because I don’t have to think too much. I can just pick a scrap and sew.

Sue Cahill

Congrats to Amanda, I am so jealous, maybe this week I will be the lucky one. I love just about everything about quilting (except maybe basting) but I suppose my favorite technique is also scrap quilting. I don't own anything in my stash that is bigger than half a yard, I even piece the backs of my quilts. I love to just sit and "organize" my scraps for hours and I am well known in my guild for giving a home to what everyone else would throw away.


my favorite quilting technique is free motion quilting. It gives me the freedom to quilt outside the lines.


I'm fairly new to quilting (two years), and since I have a full-time job, it's difficult to find time to make a lot of quilts. I've discovered I have absolutely no idea of what colors look good together. Knowing that, I thought "Okay, no problemo - I'll just make scrap quilts." So that's what I tend to do more often than not. Can you imagine my surprise when I discovered most scrap quilts have to be color-coordinated too? I'm finding it difficult to get outside my comfort zone, too. I'm doing a lot of blog reading, and I buy a lot of quilting books, but I tend to take the 'safe' route and I don't try new things. I want to learn to make flying geese, Drunkards Path, Dresden Path, all those neat things. And paper piecing. And applique. But do I try them???? No - I tend to stick with the scrap quilts. Sad. So sad.

Lynne in Hawaii

I enjoy applique. I tend to design my own in a rebel kinda way. I am just finishing a bed quilt for my grandson. The centerpiece is a very large sea turtle. I hand quilted lots of waves and sworls to simulate movement of the turtle through water. But because I hand quilt the large quilts, progress tends to be slow. The turtle pattern I traced off a beach towel then adapted it for the applique. You get inspiration where you can!


Congrats to Amanda and most of all congrats for being accepted to Fons and Porter - wow! that's wonderful - I hope we post our comments for the contest here - so, I just have to say my favorite style is traditional piecing. When I took my first quilting class, that is what I learned. I had to make templates, use a 1/4" on each side straight edge to all the seam allowance to some templates, mark the template on my fabric with a pencil, and cut the fabric with a pair of scissors. Thankfully, we did have great Gingher scissors back then, but no rotary cutters and mats! And for you new mothers (and fathers), yes, I had small children to help me. My husband worked nights and weekends, so and I worked out of the home as well as being on call all the time I was away from the office - so I had to sneak any time I could to quilt. I gave it up for years and am just coming back to it and LOVE it. One of my buddesses (that's a female buddy who had identical twin girls six weeks after I had my youngest and then a boy six years later) and I took a sampler class in the fall. We are now taking an applique class which basically is to try to make a Baltimore album quilt - it last 8, yes EIGHT months. So maybe by the end of that, I either say applique is my favorite style or tell you I hate it. My new husband loves birds, so I decided to take the applique class so I can learn to applique to try to make some bird quilts for him. Maybe the focus of the face would help with that - keep quilting all - just a little every day or every week will get a project finished!


I won??? I actually won something??? Thanks so much, Cheri! I am so excited. I will e-mail you my home address now.

Thanks so much.


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