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February 21, 2008


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I like the spray but it is messy. So tell me more about the fusible batting. Do you have to iron it to get it to stick? How do you stretch it then? I guess I should investigate myself.

I have a Rowenta that has the water well that the iron sits on. My sister-in-law gave it to me 3 years ago for Christmas. Pricey but nice. I love it.


My iron is a TEFAL Jeans Power, a wonderful iron with an ultra gliss turbo iron-sole....
Fusible batting, Like Nanette I wonder how you stretch the fabric, batting and backing. You still need space to do that I guess?


I am suppose to be cleaning, but I have spent most of my day exploring and finding new blogs. Yours is so wonderful! My favorite iron is my Rowenta. It steams really nice and is a good weight. I also bought a Rowenta travel iron and use that sometimes in my sewing room.


I don't konw this fusible batting. Until know, we spread out the quilt on the tables in quilting bee and we make the sandwich all together. I LOVE this moment !! And I'll miss it when I'll move.
My iron is a Calor http://www.calor.fr/calor/produits/repassage/centrales-vapeur/express.asp
oldest one ;)


Now this is very interesting info, because I really dislike basting with pins. So how exactly to you manage keeping everything lined up and nice while you're fusing the batting? Do tell!

The Cherry Fizz logo really is so cute, by the way.


I have a Rowenta Professional--I love this iron--has a big reservoir of water, makes great steam, just uses tap water, and has a great weight to it for pressing.


I have owned so many irons in my life and just not crazy about any of them... until I got my latest Rowenta. I love it and it steams perfectly and does an all around great job. My mom had one iron in all the years I lived at home and it worked wonderfully for her. She sewed beautifully and with great detail. It was an old Sunbeam with no steam. She just used a fine mist spray bottle. Bless her heart.

Your Cherry fizz lettering is so fun. You can feel the carbonation.
Such talent Lizzie House!
PS I'm heading out later to look for the fusible batting. Sounds great!!


I thnk I will have to check this fusible batting out. I dont have carpet, so I have a hard time keeping the bottom layers from wrinkling while I am pinning.

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