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January 16, 2008


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Lauri Smith

Oh my goodness! He is a DOLL! But poor baby! I've done the hospital and the steroids (oh, you might want to let them know that the steroids will make Alton VERY VERY hungry and he will be eating a lot as he starts feeling better-just want them to be prepared for the food bill!) and the breathing machine and the mask and tube...not fun with babies. But he will be doing better soon and eating them out of house and home!

(PS-I'll be back to blogging very soon...this has been one kick-ass holiday season. I don't know if you saw it but, I did a post thanking you for all of the scraps, (I should have sent an email) and linking to your blog. I've been using the scraps, too...making lots of fabric balls with them. The kids LOVE them! For some reason I just decided to try and make one, and those brights were perfect for it. It was also the first time I've ever really sewn curves. The first one was a little wonky, but since I've made so many I'm getting much better. Claire even had me make one to give her teacher! When I get enough time to do the pictures, I'll put some up on my blog so you can see them. Thanks again!!!!)

Oh, and keep us updated on the baby...tell your son and DIL I'm thinking about them, as well and empathizing and sympathizing! I know it's scary now, but he'll be ok. One more thing...they might/probably should invest in a GOOD COMFY RECLINER even before they bring him home. We finally broke down after months of sleepless nights with Allison and her asthma, and when we finally did buy one it was the ugliest piece of furniture we had EVER seen, but...it was also the best investment we ever made!


Thinking of you and your family and that little Alton is soon fit and health again.


Poor thing, it is awful to see little ones suffer. I wish him a speedy recovery :)


Awww, what a cutie. Hope he's better soon. We can't have a cousin sick, now, can we??? ;-)


RSV is really hitting kids hard this weekend. My neighbor's grandson is in the same position and it hits boys worse than girls. Poor guy. And hard for family. Its good hes getting the treatment he needs. I'm sure he'll recover soon. Kids are so tough.

Cherri House

Thanks everyone for your good thoughts, wishes, and prayers. I just spoke to my son, and he said that the treatments are helping, and if he continues to improve he will be able to come home by the end of the day.

Thanks again,



He looks like a sturdy young man. May he recover quickly and completely!

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